Skytex We Grow


Our company owns and operates its own farms, along with contract farming and sourcing from a network of farmers whom we have developed long standing relationships that span more than two decades.

Skytex We Pack


Skytex Co.,Ltd owns and operates its own two state of the art packing houses that are strategically located to enable access to all of Thailand fresh fruits and vegetables.

Skytex We Export


Our company is vertically integrated in the entire supply chain, we own and operate farms, packing houses and the logistics from farm to port. Enabling us to have an unprecedented control on quality.


Excellent Quality at Excellent Prices

We believe in offering quality product at competitive prices, so our partners can easily compete in the marketplace and provide value to end-users and customers.

Fast Response Time

We always try our best to keep our commitments made in terms of delivery time.

Highly Customer Centric

We are extremely flexible in terms of manufacturing and packing and most willing to produce under OEM Labels and Customer Brands

We Develop Long Standing Partnerships From Farms To Customers

Our long-term success is linked to the success of the thousands of farmers who grow for us. That’s why we partner with growers and constantly educate and aid growers with superior seeds and up to date information on fertilizers to improve quality and productivity in a sustainable way.